Take the “Move Everything in Five Minutes” break

Here’s a quick tip from Kathryn Miranda, M. AmSAT of Alexander Technique of Syracuse

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The “Move Everything in Five Minutes” break:

  • Start with your head, tilting and rotating and circling, then move your jaw.
  • Take 3 complete exhales, allowing the breath to return spontaneously after each exhalation.
  • Move all four joints of the arm structure and the hand joints.
  • Move the spine, bending forward, backward, to each side, spiraling, and twisting.
  • Move the hip joint, knee, and ankle and the foot joints.


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The Alexander Technique of Syracuse offers private lessons and small group classes in the Alexander Technique. The hallmark of the technique is the relief of excess tension in sitting, standing, walking, bending, breathing, speaking and really (really!) just about any human activity. You learn to relieve and prevent pain. You reduce muscular tension and find […]