Take an “Extended Exhalation” break

Take an “Extended Exhalation” break:
Many of us know that deep breathing is good, but we often pay too high a price for those deep breaths.

  • When you “take” a breath, the effort used to pull or suck in the air uses up much of the oxygen gained. The goal here is to extend your exhalation, prime the respiratory system, and lead to a reflexive inhalation. It is much more efficient to release stale air before bringing in the fresh rejuvenating air.
  • On the exhalation, repeat la, la, la…silently, noiselessly until your exhale reaches a natural conclusion. The air comes out through the mouth; your jaw and tongue must be loose.
  • At the end of the exhalation, close your lips and do nothing as you allow the air to return. This may take a while longer than you expect. Each breath will have a different length and a different tempo, just like every wave that laps the shore is unique.
  • This practice may take many repetitions to seem natural. Over time it becomes a foundation for coordinated breathing, speaking and singing.

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