I grew up in a house with original art; I learned to see the world through a frame of the artist, cropping what I saw all the time. I grew up on horseback, out in nature noticing the subtle changes every day as the seasons progressed. I live through those two disciplines: composing every minute […]

Wendy Harris – A Summer Favorite

This is a particular favorite of my summer’s production.

wendy harris pastels

Latest Plein air work by Wendy Harris

Here’s my last Plein air day of the season: Outside of Old Forge

Outside Old Forge

Wendy Harris Prepping for This Weeks Open Studio

I’m doing my sale differently this year and offering older, never seen pieces for way less.  Here is the outdoor of my studio that people will see when they arrive on Friday night.  Lots to see inside including prints!

Wendy Harris Studio

Life of a Painting: Animated series of photographs of “The Road Home”

Artist Wendy Harris took a series of photographs of a painting in various stages of completion. Banwa animated her images to see “The Road Home” come to life.


Humbled, blessed, challenged, struggling, and exhausted is how I describe the feelings around delivering a four times larger version of a painting the art selection committee chose for their one commissioned painting for the new Cancer Treatment Center unveiled mid July. I learned a lot about expanding a painting that much and trying to make it appear as close to the original image. I confess to struggling to get the bones of the tree that overlaid the woods on the right. After I took it out more times that the photos reveal, I had to change the background to lighten to the original. I was fussing too much and finally had to call it done. Overall, it arrived. Phew. The struggle was worth it all to hear the comments from physicians, administrators, and public alike. I only hope this can give patients peace and rest for a few moments and maybe inspiration for their journey. I am ever so grateful and humbled for the opportunity.


Wendy Harris: Final painting, delivered!

This was the final painting I delivered to Upstate’s Cancer Treatment Center opening in a couple of weeks.

While I last posted the early version of the acrylic version, the final painting was a pastel.

The week of the 14th of July will mark 4 or 5 separate openings; it is fully open to the public Saturday July 19, 9 – 1 PM.

I will have nine pieces on view, two are originals.

I hope the only reason you ever come to this facility is to see the art.

Final Upstate commission


It is 4 x 4′ in pastel.

I especially love the drizzled reds and turquoise which so up so much better in person.  Also, that I let the lower portion of the painting reveal the process of the painting, showing hints of the underpainting and surface tone.  You might find other pink spots not fully painted which I hope engage the viewer in the how of this painting, not just the scene.


A Note from Wendy Harris, commissioned for Upstate Medical Center’s Cancer Treatment Center

I’m on my third version of my 4 x 4′ commission for Upstate Medical Center’s Cancer Treatment Center which opens mid July.  The first two are pastel, this one is pallet knife acrylic.  By weeks end I have to see which one excites me most, get it photographed and the deliver it.  I’m ready to be done with this and get outside to turn my head, to the clouds and Plein air work.



Women Artists of the Finger Lakes Group Show Featuring Works by Wendy Harris

Some art shows fly by in a flash. That’s the case with the Women Artists of the Finger Lakes.
Its a group of accomplished and award-winning women artists from the region that have wonders to feast your eyes on for only three days and an evening.

It opens Thursday night May 29th with a reception (great food by the way!) 7 – 8:30 PM at the First Congregational Church, 58 N Main St, Canandaigua, NY

Hours for the three days are: Friday and Saturday 11AM – 5PM, Sunday 10 – 3PM
Catch it while you can!


Harris-on high