Delavan Center is a multi-use, multi-story, multi-building complex constructed between 1878 and 1967. From 1878 to 1911, The Syracuse Chilled Plow Company operated a sprawling 200,000 square foot plant along West Fayette St.

Syracuse Chilled Plow Company specialized in the manufacture of cast iron agricultural plows that were “chilled” in a sand mold. At the company’s manufacturing peak in the early 20th century, workers made more than 100,000 plows each year, selling them to many countries around the world. The company slogan was, “The sun never sets on a Syracuse Chilled plow.”

In 1911, the John Deer Company purchased the Syracuse plant and continued making agricultural equipment in the West Fayette St. plant until 1946, when it moved operations to Deere Road.

The complex was purchased in 1959 by William Delavan (Sr.) where it evolved into the multi-tenant type of use it now has. His son, William Delavan (Jr.) took over the operation of the complex in 1971 and continues to operate it today.